As my Final Major Project completing the third year of  University, I designed a magazine funded on the universal fear of growing up. Exploring childhood nostalgia, our psychological drive towards safety, which is often associated with youth and what it means to be an adult. Hunting Ponies is a platform, with various contributors creating artwork from variety of disciplines. 

Hunting Ponies is a magazine funded on the idea of escaping the stressful adult world. Merging the tactility of children’s publications with hughly curated content from various contributors, it invites the readers to let their inner child run, explore, unfold and interact. Open dialogue and light-hearted tone of voice are key traits of the mag. Hunting Ponies is open to failure and embraces insecurities and anxieties, showing the struggles and embarrassing aspects of adult life; it’s bringing playfulness, colour and carelessness to the world of grown-ups allowing you to be a bit selfish and a bit reckless again!