The brief of this project was to create an omni-channel campaign for Alexander Mcqueen. As the brand is not delivering the most engaging and seamless experience for their consumers, me idea was to conduct a campaign, which will bring back the initial aesthetics of the legendary designer together with secrecy and weirdness, such statement parts of the label.

As the interest in Lee McQueen is increasing, a good marketing step is to fulfil the consumers’ interest in the designer. The idea is to generate a very mysterious and secretive campaign. Its aim is not to necessarily attract a new group of consumers, but mainly to make the fashion enthusiasts intrigued by it and create a buzz around the brand. The campaing will be launched on the secret event featuring installation artist Olafur Eliasson who will prepare a special installation. The evnet is aimed at the people from the industry with a limited tickets sales. It will later be described in AnOther Magazine alongside lookbook photos of the new collection. I have created a mockup of the article and directed and styled photoshoot for the brand. 

Olga Petrusewicz

Phil Howarth

Brianna May
Jordan Sky Finding

Olivia Burrows


A new collection for Alexander McQueen SS 2020 will be based around rebirth and will reach back to its roots celebrating McQueen’s legacy. The date and place of the show will not be released until the last minute and the campaign won’t feature the name of the fashion house. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of designer’s death, the brand will collaborate with an installation artist, who will create a large piece, which will be a part of the final event.

For the time being of the campaign, the website and social media will be heavily dominated by new content - campaign’s logo or symbol, snapshots of editorial or short videos of the installation/artwork revealing more information closer to the date of the show.


There will be a limited tickets availability on the official website. I have created a mock up of brand’s website and a short promotional video featuring various clips of past catwalk shows of McQueen, when Lee himself was the creative director.